seda-logo-21Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are vital to understanding product impact and creating truly sustainable products.

The SEDA Calculator ensures you save time, money and resources while safeguarding the environment, arming your organization to succeed.

Streamline the decision-making process

Compare total environmental impact between design alternatives

Identify impact hot spots and opportunities during the design process


Market your sustainability

By easily presenting data to clients and consumers


Arm yourself to:

Streamline LCAs, providing valuable Environmental Impact Data.
  • Experience fast, accurate results in seconds;
  • Understand important data and make sustainable, well-informed decisions with ease.

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Streamlining Sustainability

Help organizations embrace the benefits of implementing sustainability into their business practices.

The SEDA tool facilitates this by merging sustainability with decision making by simplifying LCAs in design.

Implementing sustainability into the design phase is a deeply involved process.

We take complex LCA data and make it simple for designers and decision makers to use.

SEDA’s robust, customizable product is heavily embedded in environmental accounting and was developed with industry partners.  As a result, we have refined a tool that operates with your unique needs in mind.

SEDA Calculator

An online tool that allows your employees to conduct streamlined LCAs

The tool is a unique combination of real-world experience and a high degree of theoretical knowledge. As such, its outputs provide valuable environmental impact data for decision makers and designers.

Requires no installation

Just start entering your project details.

Requires Minimal training

Made by experts with ease of use in mind

Designed to be simple and quick to use

Focus on what really matters

Accounts can be managed entirely online

Centralized management for complete project control

Employee Friendly

All training opportunities are designed to have employees understand sustainability as it applies to their organization and how to take ownership of projects.

Is it time for your company to become a SUSTAINABILITY LEADER?

We can help you. Have our professionals develop a 30 to 90-minute business case presentation on how sustainability can be implemented by your company.

For more information or if you would like to set up an introduction, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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